The history

Known since ancient times, Orezza water was enjoyed by the Romans, who valued its exceptional qualities.

The history of Orezza water continues into the modern era: permission was given to exploit the spring by Ministerial decree under Napoleon III, on 25 April 1856; 10 years later, on 7 February 1866, a not-for-profit organisation was set up by imperial decree.

Later in the 19th century, the Orezza establishments, with the bathing, massage and shower facilities became a very popular treatment centre: this precious spa water cured anaemia, nervous disorders, malaria and liver and kidney disorders.

People then began to believe in the miraculous therapeutic powers of Orezza water.

In the 20th century, during the Second World War, it was even sent to North Africa to provide strength and vitality to the forces suffering from anaemia.

La Castagniccia

The Orezza water comes from Castagniccia,
one of the most beautiful regions of Corsica,
a land which owes its name
to the numerous chestnut trees found in Corsica.

The site of Orezza,
nestling in a beautiful verdant setting,
has undergone a major renovation
which managed to preserve the site's old-worldly appearance.

Production and bottling

Orezza water, is a natural mineral water, which has had the natural carbon dioxide from the spring re-added. It is acknowledged as one of the mineral waters with the highest iron levels in the world. Moreover, the water must undergo a treatment to remove some of the iron before bottling.

The Orezza factory has set up a process to remove the iron, using a totally natural process: air oxidisation.

This involves 4 steps :